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Vol 10, No 1 (2014): Special Issue

Communicating European Integration

Table of Contents

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Communicating European Integration: A Historical Perspective Read Intro
Manuel Müller, Tobias Reckling, Andreas Weiß

Research Articles

Communicating European Integration in the Age of the World Wars: Print Media Discourses on the Unity of Europe, 1914-1945 Read Article
Florian Greiner
‘What Europeans Saw of Europe’: Medial Construction of European Identity in Information Films and Newsreels in the 1950s Read Article
Anne Bruch, Eugen Pfister
Communicating European Integration – Information vs. Integration? Read Article
Alexander Reinfeldt
A Salutary Shock: The European Suffrage Movement and Democracy in the European Community, 1948-1973 Read Article
Eric O'Connor
Europe as a Symbol: The Struggle for Democracy and the Meaning of European Integration in Post-Franco Spain Read Article
Carlos López Gómez
From Informing to Interacting? Exploring the European Commission's Communication Strategy "to be all ears" Read Article
Annelies Van Brussel
Communicating the European Ombudsman’s Mandate: An Overview of the Annual Reports Read Article
Nikos Vogiatzis
Political Values in a European Museum Read Article
Pieter Huistra, Marijn Molema, Daniel Wirt

Book Reviews

Enacting European Citizenship Read Review
Political Communication in Europe: The Cultural and Structural Limits of the European Public Sphere Read Review

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