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The JCER is an open-access, online journal published by UACES in association with the Student Forum. We publish articles in the subject area of contemporary European studies which includes, but is not limited to, European integration, European public policy, comparative studies, culture and EU external relations. The Journal enables PhD students and early career researchers to disseminate their work alongside established scholars.

Vol 12, No 1 (2016): Special Issue

Sixty-Five Years of European Governance

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Sixty-Five Years of European Governance READ INTRO
Willem Maas, Alexander Caviedes

Research Articles

EU Governance of Governance: Political Steering in a Non-Hierarchical Multilevel System READ ARTICLE
Ingeborg Tömmel
Enlargements and Their Impact on EU Governance and Decision-Making READ ARTICLE
Neill Nugent
Good Governance and Institutional Change: Administrative Ethics Reform in the European Commission READ ARTICLE
Michelle Cini
Transforming the European Legal Order: The European Court of Justice at 60+ READ ARTICLE
Jessica Guth
Sixty-Five Years of Auditing Europe READ ARTICLE
Paul J Stephenson
The (Ever) Incomplete Story of Economic and Monetary Union READ ARTICLE
Michele Chang
The Governance of Markets, Sustainability and Supply. Toward a European Energy Policy READ ARTICLE
Sandra Eckert
The EU Governance System of External Relations READ ARTICLE
Roberto Dominguez
European Governance of Citizenship and Nationality READ ARTICLE
Willem Maas
European Integration and the Governance of Migration READ ARTICLE
Alexander Caviedes
Fifty Years of Public (Dis)Satisfaction with European Governance: Preferences, Europeanization and Support for the EU READ ARTICLE
Maurits van der Veen