Jo Hunt Rachel Minto Jayne Woolford


In the June 2016 EU Referendum, Wales voted to leave the EU - in the face of strong political support to remain. Whilst Wales’s vote puts it on the ‘winning’ Leave side, the process of leaving the EU will bring with it some tangible losses that will impact Wales differently from the rest of the UK. In the immediate aftermath of the vote, there was widespread consternation about why Wales, as a net beneficiary due to significant receipts of Structural Funds, would see a majority vote Leave. The reasons behind this, and also the potential for a new regional policy are discussed in this article. In addition, it looks at a possible ‘win’ for Wales with the potential expansion in regulatory competence which may come from the repatriation of competences back to the devolved administrations on Brexit, though recognising that this may not be straightforward and may carry a heavy price tag.


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HUNT, Jo; MINTO, Rachel; WOOLFORD, Jayne. Winners and Losers: the EU Referendum Vote and its Consequences for Wales. Journal of Contemporary European Research, [S.l.], v. 12, n. 4, dec. 2016. ISSN 1815-347X. Available at: <http://www.jcer.net/index.php/jcer/article/view/812>. Date accessed: 17 dec. 2018.
Wales; Devolution; Referendum; Brexit; Cohesion; Competences
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